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  1. Sathesh

    Gday Mate,

    Just wanted to say your imapsync script is simply MARVELOUS!!!!..its doing everything really well!!!..just had a minor tweak..otherwise all is goin well. I had just one question…The source mail server has a folder called Junk, but I want all that email to go into the SPAM folder of gmail…any way I can fix that? Also, any other way I can make it run faster? increase mem size or something?

    Otherwise, its a splendid script!!! Does JUST WHAT I WANT IT TO DO!!!…sent mail into the sent items!…well done!!!!! Just in case you wanted to know what I was doing..I am a volunteer supporting the IT for a charity organisation :-)

    Thank you!!! You really saved my day! Take care and have a good day!

    Best wishes,


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