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  1. Sathesh

    Gday Mate,

    Just wanted to say your imapsync script is simply MARVELOUS!!!!..its doing everything really well!!!..just had a minor tweak..otherwise all is goin well. I had just one question…The source mail server has a folder called Junk, but I want all that email to go into the SPAM folder of gmail…any way I can fix that? Also, any other way I can make it run faster? increase mem size or something?

    Otherwise, its a splendid script!!! Does JUST WHAT I WANT IT TO DO!!!…sent mail into the sent items!…well done!!!!! Just in case you wanted to know what I was doing..I am a volunteer supporting the IT for a charity organisation :-)

    Thank you!!! You really saved my day! Take care and have a good day!

    Best wishes,

  2. bruno

    There is a minor mistake in how-to-incremental-daily-backups-amazon-s3-duplicity.
    The restore script says:

    # Reset the ENV variables. Don’t need them sitting around
    export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=
    export PASSPHRASE=

    This is wrong. The exported variables are only available in the subshell that runs the script (and eventual subshells it generates, like the one running awscli or duplicity) and will stop existing when the script exits.

    The error is minor, but the information it conveys is false. There is no need to unset variables that are exported in a script.


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