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WordPress default theme 1024 wide

I love the WordPress default theme based on the famous Kubrick theme but it has two problems in my eyes:

  • There are no sidebars on posts or pages making navigation kind of tricky.
  • It is designed for 800 pixel wide screens. This was fine 3 years ago but now 95% of people use at least 1024 so its a waste of screen real-estate having all that grey at the sides.

I am lazy so looked around for a version that fixed these issues but couldn’t find one. So, I took a few minutes to make some adjustments and solve these two problems. The result, that you’re looking at now, is an exact replica of the default WordPress theme but enlarged for viewing at 1024 pixels and with sidebars on pages and posts. Other than that it is identical – and even the dynamic colour changing header image still works.

I submitted the theme to WordPress for publication but meanwhile you can download it here (if you like!).

Update: 1 March 2013 – This post is now totally ancient but still gets a lot of traffic. You really shouldn’t be using the Kubrick theme in any modern wordpress installation as although it will mostly work, it does not implement any of the new features of WordPress 3.x. Use it at your own risk.

Update: 2 December 2008 – WordPress.org rejected my theme for publication – no reason given it just disappeared. I think that’s pretty lame. The least they could do is provide a reason. I won’t bother ever submitting anything else to them.